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The Complete A-Z Program For Creating & Selling Your Own Highly Successful, In-Demand Software

Software Creation Academy is the only “nothing held back” academy course that will teach you how to come up with winning software ideas, and how to make those ideas a reality - even if you have a very limited budget (or no budget at all), no experience and no clue where to begin.

Once you complete Software Creation Academy you will have:

Learned how to create your very own software that you can sell over and over again, just like those selling software in the 10's of 1000's on digital sales platforms every single day.

Finally learned a real world useful "no gimmick" marketing skill from someone who has actually done this. No more chasing shiny objects or the next "big thing" course. This subject is something that can be the key to a life of freedom from the 9-5, a boss and all that goes with it.

Tested your software idea to see if it is something people will pay for.....vital to learn this now rather than after building it then finding out nobody wants it.

Learned how to research software ideas from a host of "hidden in plain" site goldmines that will make sure you don't waste time and money building something that will not sell.

Learned how to find rock-star developers who will help you realise your vision and create exactly what you want, with the least amount of risk possible and within your budget (or even ways to do it without any budget whatsoever).

Found out how to create your software "funnel ready" and in a way that will protect against the downside in case it does not go to plan, so you can easily recoup any costs.

Be able to manage any software creation project, even if you barely know your way around a computer

Perfected the "risk reversal" techniques and "profit maximisation" strategy I use every time to ensure my software does not only sell as an "in and out" launch, but continues to sell over and over again for many years.

Learned everything from having the software built right through to how to actually get it ready for a launch, how to deliver it, support it, build it for the future and find hungry buyers for it.

The bottom line is, Software Creation Academy is the ONLY course of its kind that will take you "by the hand" through the entire process of creating software rom idea to execution.

No matter if you have lots of experience or none, once you complete this course you will have ALL the knowledge I can give after having done this multiple times myself, including 7-figure software platforms that are selling right now, as I type this.


Nothing held back. Nothing hidden.

Here's what some of my customers have to say about my training:

"If you’ve been around the IM world for any length of time, you know that dealing with online marketers can be iffy at best. You pay your money and take your chance. But Martin Crumlish is the exception to the “guru rule”. 

A recent transaction with Martin displayed a level of trustworthiness and satisfaction I have rarely experienced before. He answered my pre-sales questions thoroughly, demonstrated concern for MY wants and needs, and refused to “upsell” me. Whatb a privilege to deal with someone so approachable and honest. I’m a Martin Crumlish customer for life

- Cindi Dawson

"All I can say is that Results Don't Lie. I purchased Martin's course and joined his coaching group a bit over 1 year ago. Since then, I've had 2 successful product launches and one of those even won Product of the Day!


I've made hundreds of sales and generated over $12K in revenues so far. This year I have even more launches planned and know I'll break the 6-figure mark. Martin's straight-forward, to-the-point training and coaching have been pivotal to my success as a product creator and I'm really glad I got his coaching."

- Jay Garces

"The program was everything I thought it would be AND MORE! I was looking for something to take my business to the next level and my first product after the program was the biggest and best I had put out. Martin was there to offer support and assistance the entire time and I owe a lot of my success to Martin's instruction."

- John Racine

"We bought, and will buy, every software Martin offers. Martin’s software provides so much value and good ideas. With only one of his whitelabel tools, we made so far more than €64,000 - this is awesome stuff"

- Robert Moersch-Parchwitz

"The course was a God send and cleared up MANY things I didn’t know or didn’t understand. I completed the course in about a week then took the info passed on during several webinars and reassessed my previous launch. Oh my … was it ever so apparent as to what the problems were.


After tweaking my launch following what I learned from Martin I was able to receive Product of the Day relaunching the exact same product.


Martin was right there any time I had questions and the Facebook and Skype Groups were/are the best you’ll find anywhere. I can tell you there is no way you can go wrong with Martin in your court."

- Mike Alton

"I've have the privilege of joining Martin's coaching program and that was the best investment I ever made. Martin  is one of the hardest working marketers out there. In addition to launching some of the best info and software products, he is a great mentor and coach.


Thanks to Martin's coaching I was able to launch my first product which sold over 800 units in the FE and 300 in the back end and I made loads of cash from this launch.

- Amy Balti



Martin Crumlish here.


As you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are one of my past customers and probably bought some software from me.


If you’ve never heard of me, I’m a software entrepreneur who has built, launched and scaled multiple platforms and apps….everything from Kickpages (my drag and drop pagebuilding platform) through to partnerships on 50,000+ user platforms.


In between, I’ve launched everything from simple wordpress plugins through to advanced FB marketing apps.


The bottom line is: I’ve been “in the trenches” for years, building software that customers need and will happily pay for, over and over again.


Look at any online sales platform such as clickbank or JVZoo and you’ll quickly see that some of the best selling products ever released are simple software products.


If you ever wanted to get into having a business of your own with the freedom to run it from anywhere you like with nothing but a computer and an internet connection, then keep reading.


I’m about to do something I have never done before and that is, reveal all my secrets, processes, methods and techniques I have used to supercharge my business from nothing to 7 figures per year.


I did this without being a programmer, without a big budget, without connections and with no “secret access” to get my product where it needs to be.


Instead, I forged my own path, learned the hard way and put together the systems and secrets that my team and I use to turn out solutions for customers with the minimum hassle & expense, and in the shortest time possible….all while still holding down a full time job in a totally unrelated field.


Now I’m going to you how to do the same.


Software Creation Academy is my brand new “over the shoulder” masterclass where I give you all the information and tools you need to kickstart your very own software business.

There has never been a better time to get started, but without the lessons I reveal to you, it is a complete minefield and can end up costing you a fortune, wasting your time or even shutting down a business before it gets started.


If you can relate to any of these, then Software Creation Academy is for you:            

  • You want more free time
  • You want to be your own boss
  • You always wondered how non programmers and marketers get their products created
  • You want an asset you can sell over and over again
  • You have a software idea but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried to create a product before and failed
  • You want “over the shoulder” training from someone who has ‘been there, done that’

Before I tell you how you can enroll in Software Creation Academy, I’m going to give you a sneak preview of what we are going to cover. Then I will tell you what you will come out the other side with, and how you can enroll before our next masterclass begins.


Here’s everything we cover in Software Creation Academy:


Part 1: Introduction

Learn about having the right mindset to undertake the project and challenges that go with it. What you need in your toolbox to actually make this happen in terms of time and budget, plus management skills. Learn the 5 part process we follow for every product we create.

Without know this process, we can't say you will definitely fail but you definitely will take far longer, and spend a lot more money than you need to. This process is our secret weapon and foundation of what we do.


Part 2: Preparation

How to prepare to succeed with your software project. Many skim this part and end up wasting their time and effort on well made products nobody wants. You must avoid this fatal mistake.



Module 2.1: Research

I will show you how to market test your idea without spending a cent and spot a winner even before a line of code is written. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money on a bad unvalidated idea, you need to follow these steps.


Module 2.2: Timeline

How long it will take to create your software is like the question "How long is a piece of string?". In this section I will show you how to work out a realistic timeline for your project and more importantly, how to spot if an unscrupulous coder is padding their hours and taking way too long to complete something simple.


Module 2.3: Budget

What are the ballpark figures you may spend on a project and how you can structure the budget so that you protect any downside to reduce your risks and even finance your app development before a line of code is written.


Module 2.4: Spec Creation

Your spec is the map to success for any project. Without this being done properly, your software creation will be like a ship in the night with a broken rudder, no map and no defined destination. Skip this or do it badly and you are destined to fail, no matter how good the coder is or how good your idea is.

Part 3: Build it

You’ve prepared, done your research, built your spec and now it is the time where the rubber meets the road: lets get your software built!

First, we will go through the options you have:



Module 3.1: Outsourcing

This is by far the most popular, cost effective and desirable option for your project. There are literally millions of people who can and will build whatever you want and give you something that you can then market and sell over and over again.

i. Overview & Sources

So how does outsourcing work? In this module we explain every model and show the proven places we get the best results from and where to hire different types of skillset from. There are many widely known outsourcing sites….and jumping into them without the information we cover is a surefire way to lose a lot of time and money.

ii. Finding Talent

How do you find the talented, honest, likable team member who is going to make your ideas a reality? It’s not easy….but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is for most people. We have a tried and tested system to get only the best people (within your budget). Without following these steps, outsourcing becomes a pain, expensive, a time vacuum and extremely risky. We’ve been through the horror stories 1st hand to perfect our system, so now you don’t need to repeat our mistakes.

iii. Security

You are trusting a stranger to build something for your business that will have your name on it. How do you know what the code is doing “under the hood”?. How do you protect your Intellectual Property and customer data. What about GDPR, Cookie consent, tracking….all of it. How secure is the app going to be? What happens if it is hacked? What sort of server do you need? The list goes on...this is the unsexy part of software development but possibly the most important. Neglect this and you will not only destroy your business, you could cost your customers money and even end up legally liable.


Module 3.2: Agency v Individual

Do you want to build the next Slack, Basecamp or [INSERT BIG FIRM HERE] but you are looking to hire 1 guy in his bedroom to do it? Let us break down what will work for you in this case, what is the best option for your time availability, budget and skillset and also identify the various models you can use for your project (and what models people will try to sell you but that you don’t need)

i. Offer a % 

You can have the coder build it, and you do a % share of the revenue that comes from it. There are ways to structure this then based on performance, an “earn out” so once it reaches a certain point, the developer has been paid and is no longer involved etc.

ii. Idea protection

How do you get a partner for your unique idea without them running off and using the idea themselves? We show you how to lock in protection for this and make sure that even in a worst case scenario if it did happen, you would be 100% protected and not suffer.

iii. Agreement

What sort of agreements do you need in place with a development partner.


Module 3.3: Self-build

You can decide you want to build it yourself. This is $ inexpensive and time expensive.

i. Where to learn coding

If you have time and lower budget, you can always invest in yourself with training in programming and build it yourself. This is very doable with the training resources available. Here we show where you can learn, what projects to start on and what technology stack is good for the type of app you are building.


Module 3.4: Cost protection

We have a full arsenal of tips and tricks we employ in every project that make sure that once we do our launch, even if it didn’t do as well as expected, we have lots of extra profit-wells to tap into without doing any extra work. We also use 3 methods to give the same app new life at any time of our choosing, and opens a whole fresh stream of income

i. Create it as whitelabel

How to build your software with  whitelabel mode that means you have a sellable asset at all times

ii. Build it for a funnel

How to structure your app so it will work for a sales funnel. If you don’t follow these steps and just build it anyway, it will be too late (and too expensive) to fix later without serious work.

iii. Documented and sellable

Think of your exit and possible selling of the software to a new owner on day 1, and you will not have to worry about getting it ready for that on the day you sell. Even if you don’t plan this or foresee it, it is an essential step and we cover everything you must do.


Module 3.5: Design considerations

Quite often, a ninja coder is not a good designer. They are too entirely different skillsets and lots of people just expect a coder to do everything. There are one-person shows that can do it all, and we show you where to find them. If you need to branch out, here we cover all the individual things every single project will need from the design side.

i. UX, UI, branding

We explain what UX is, what UI is and where branding comes into play inside your actual app (it’s more than just a logo)

Part 4: Manage it

You’ve done your research and preparation, you’ve decided what you want and how it is going to be built. Time to sit back and relax? Nope! Now you need to manage the project...and this can be 10,000 foot high “light touch” management, or it can be daily “in the trenches” with the team, keeping tabs on everything. Here we cover all the models, why they work and when they won’t work...and even when choosing the wrong one will destroy your project.


If you don’t know this beforehand, you probably will blunder into the wrong one and get trapped. This is one of those things that is too important to get wrong, and almost too difficult to fix if you’ve gone down the wrong path.



Module 4.1: Tools to use

There are 1000s of tools to use for managing your new project. Here we show what works best and give a demo of the processes and templates we use in each (so you don’t waste time trying to come up with your own processes and templates, saving you countless hours and trial and error)


i. Slack, Trello, Clickup, Hubstaff etc.


Module 4.2: Phases

i. Development - Testing - Beta - Production: you’ve probably heard of Beta before and heard people mention “development” or “test versions”. Well you are about to step into the word of developing software, so you need to work out the phases that will be used. This doesn’t need to be filled with programmer jargon, but it does need to be a smooth simple process you can keep a handle on. In this module we explain all the different phases to use and which ones will kill your project, your customer relationship and your partnerships if you leave them out.


Module 4.3: Protect your business

Your app is built, the developer is ready to hand it over….where do you put it? In your basic $10 a month shared hosting plan? Not unless you want to go bust!


We showcase all the types of hosting you need and how to set it up so it will grow as your business does, and not lumber you with dead-end technology, high bills and unscalable solutions. Technology has advanced but there are still lots of dead-end offers to trap you. Save a fortune by following what we do (including how we got a $3,000 refund from one of the largest hosts in the business).

Part 5: Delivery & acceptance

Your app is built, the developer says it is good to go….now you have to apply some unpredictability to the mix to see if it stands up. We call this delivery and acceptance testing, and I will show you the foolproof way to do it so you are not left with a bug riddled product and a developer you paid who has since rode off into the sunset.

In other words, this is where we see that you are getting what you are paying for and have not been ripped off.



Module 5.1: 10 Beta users

The “10 test” we use, where to find proper beta users who will absolutely crush your app with use to find any issues, and how to act on any feedback they give to identify the real problems from the 1 off outlier opinions of an individual.


Module 5.2: Live test period for escrow release

Even microsoft releases software with bugs, they are part of the process but you must get to a certain point where the app is viable and you shake hands with the developer on a job well done and release their payment…..but if you fail to do what we sow you here and an inevitable bug does appear, you will be stuck with it and have to refund people. This step is vital.


Module 5.3: Hosting

our app is built, the developer is ready to hand it over….where do you put it? In your hostgator $10 shared plan? Not unless you want to go bust!


i. Scaleable options preferred: we showcase all the types of hosting you need and how to set it up so it will grow as your business does, and not lumber you with dead-end technology, high bills and unscalable solutions. Technology has advanced but there are still lots of dead-end offers to trap you. Save a fortune by following what we do (including how we got a $3,000 refund from one of the largest hosts in the business)

Part 6: Ready to sell

Congratulations, your app is done, you have been through the whole project and you are ready to sell….now the hard part begins! This is beyond the scope of this training, but we have some overviews of what you need to do next.



Module 6.1: Preparing your sales funnel

How to structure your software so it works in a sales funnel and why OTOs are not bad and those who cry about them don’t understand basic marketing or commerce.


Module 6.2: Sales pages and videos

Even microsoft releases software with bugs, they are part of the process but you must get to a certain point where the app is viable and you shake hands with the developer on a job well done and release their payment…..but if you fail to do what we sow you here and an inevitable bug does appear, you will be stuck with it and have to refund people. This step is vital.


Module 6.3: Affiliate recruitment

You need traffic and the easiest way to get it is with affiliate recruitment for your app. In this video we cover some of the options and how to get affiliate attention when you are new and have no list


Module 6.4: Launch

Overview of launching your product and some of the considerations, including the 3 things that will kill your launch before it even starts if you don’t do them, and the 2 things that will destroy your launch AND your own rep and business if you do them.

….and a whole lot more.


Every second of this training is our real-world experience having done this over and over again. Everything from our FB marketing app that we ended up selling to a new owner that did just over $1m in sales, right through to what we have cooking in our development lab right now.


If you want to do the same as I have done, Software Creation Masterclass is what you need to get started.


It’s either that, or learn all of the above the hard way.

Sure, you won’t need to pay for my course, but you’ll pay the much more expensive price of your time.


And the chances are high that even 1 single tip we reveal in Software Creation Academy will more than cover the cost.


Before we tell you how you can secure one of the limited spots we have available in Software Creation Academy, I want to tell you about the bonuses we have:

Before we tell you how you can secure one of the limited spots we have available in Software Creation Academy, I want to tell you about the bonuses we have:


SCA Hiring Matrix Cheatsheet

A full guide and process to follow to ensure you hire only the right person for your project. It is worth signing up for this part alone.

(worth $97)



SCA Design Rolodex

Appearances are a big part of showing the value your software will provide, and in our Software Creation Academy Design Rolodex we reveal all the places where you can get top tier design work done for everything from logos through to your interface, in the quickest time and for the lowest cost possible.

(worth $97)



10 Sales page templates

Get a quick start on your new project with 10 beautiful sales page templates, designed by our team and ready to edit for 10 top software niches.

(worth $5,000+)



10 logo templates

A key part of your new platform looking good is having a slick professional logo, and these 10 templates will get you on the right track.s.

(worth $1,500+)



10 slidedeck templates

If you ever want to make a sales video JV video or presentation about your new product, you’ll need a slick slidedeck t record for your video. These 10 templates will speed up the process and make you look as professional as possible.

(worth $1,000+)



SCA idea critique

I will personally look at your software idea and use my years of real world proven success and experience to give my honest feedback and pointers. This is something you cannot get anywhere else, and my clients usually need to pay a hefty consultancy fee to get the benefit of my experience. This is another bonus that it’s worth getting SCA for alone.

(worth $1,000+)



SCA Research Map

Follow this visual flow to go through the decision process needed to decide if your software idea is a go or no go. This will let you cut through the hidden bias you may have towards your own idea, and identify where the problem lie.

(worth $497)



TechSpeak Codex

Don’t let the technical terms involved in software development cause you any hassle with our glossary of key phrases and wording. The language used around software is often needlessly jargon-heavy, and this guide will let you see what it’s all about.

(worth $97)



SCA Action Plan

In Software Creation Academy we are going to deliver every ounce of knowledge we have in this area….but the information is only one thing, you need to actually execute on what we teach. To help with this, we have our 30 day SCA Action Plan which lays out every step you need to take to go from idea to product in 30 days or less.

(worth $97)


These bonuses alone have a real world value of...


This makes the entire Software Creation Academy deal a no-brainer.

Before you sign up, look at what my past customers have to say:


Terry Luffman

Thanks Martin. Another great Training. So useful. Appreciate you making it available.


Shekhar Bhutkar

Worth going through the entire contents. Martin took care to show tips and suggestions, practical application of concepts that we learn in the book, this rehones your skillset. Well done!


 Laura Davis

Thanks Martin, about to get started with the video's later today, anything by Martin is "tight", informative, and concise, no fluff- from a New Yorker!


Gerald Short

If anything comes out with Martin's name on it, check it out, it will be well worth you time. No hype, no bull, calm analysis and just straight talk and highly informative and well worth your time. If you ever had an itch to consider building software apps this is a must engage product Highly recommend.


Ken Kopelman

Nice! I once had a 'hot idea' for some software and my dev of choice liked it but was too busy. Within weeks someone else had the same idea and multiple people have milked it since. If Martin's course had existed back then maybe it would have helped me avoid that roadblock.


Gary Finley

Bought several products through Martin,s o the quality is there. Can't recommend this or them enough. I have only good things to say. He and team rank up there as the go to team Just noticed I could win a free app. Shoot they don't have to bribe me. I say what I'm saying because it is true.


Sam Jeffreys

Hi Martin, Thank you for the Great Gift. All your products are First Class as you are!


 Joe Quartana

Thanks Martin, as usual you give good info and shoot straight. Much appreciated.


Mark Braunstein

Excited to put this into action. Very clear, concise info that should serve anyone looking to make money from software development and sales.


Wesley Rolton Reviews

Martin came highly recommended to me years ago by another marketer who ran a similar course. I have got to say it's good refreshing stuff, no bs etc. I enjoyed the bootcamp overview type delivery and eaked some nuggets I didn't expect. Having tried to do this and failed in the past I am now re-inspired yet again with this comprehensive information. Good luck to all...



We already create software products here, but I wanted to check out your course regardless. Nicely done Martin. 😊 While I have Joe to handle the engineering now, I will say that before we partnered up, the hardest part to get right is the “talent search”. I suffered through many, many bad, costly choices. It is VERY helpful to have a tech person you trust available to review the talent. It can save you a fortune and a lot of wasted time - but even then, sometimes the talent can go south on you. Sid (For AppBuzzinga)


Becky Fogg

Martin is the real deal. As someone who has worked with him, I saw firsthand how much value he places on delivering top quality products and taking care of his customers. He is one of the very few product developers & internet marketers that I automatically pay attention to. You can't go wrong listening to him. His products and his training are always top-notch, and his recommendations can always be trusted.


Jonathan Heller

When I stop opting in, to learn new things, that; #1 achieved getting my attention because they are in sync with my creative intentions, and; #2 are freely offered (or affordable), that; #3 I know are provided from quality sources, then I'll have died! This looks good!


Sonja Moore

This course is perfect for someone new and doesn't know the first thing to do to get a piece of software developed. Martin covered all of the steps from A to Z. Thanks Martin, great, great job!!!


Selwyn Arrow

Great info, really worthwhile actioning!

If you wanted to do what I and people like me do, there is no better way to get an inside track.


So, that being said, how do you join Software Creation Academy and how much will it cost you today?


Firstly, we are running this in a masterclass format over set periods of time with a limited number of students. This means, this can and will close at any time, when we fill all our spits.


With all the 1-to-1 advice I need to give, the critiques and everything else, there is a limited number that we can cater for at any time.


For that reason, Software Creation Academy 001 will consist of a maximum of 100 people.


By the end of SCA 001, you will know everything that I know about creating software and will have every tool, system, secret and advantage at your disposal. You will have an invaluable set of tools from our bonus bundle, and you will have direct access to me for a critique and honest “nothing held back” feedback about your idea.


You can join Software Creation Academy 001 right now for the low price of only $297.

When you apply what I teach and put it into action, you will be primed to enter the lucrative software market….I’ll even check out what you come up with to see if it is a good fit and might be able to review it and recommend it to my customers.


Two things can happen now - you have two choices:


One: you can join Software Creation Academy and learn from someone who went from zero, posting on the Warrior Forum, to selling multiple 7 figures in software, giving you the secret inside track on doing the same…..and eventually having your very own software product you can sell over and over again




Two: you could decide that while this looks interesting, you are happy to keep wishing you could have the freedom and profit a software product can give, but are not willing to take action to make it happen.


When you choose option one, I can guarantee I will leave nothing hidden, nothing held back and will give you every single opportunity to ask me questions, get the information and help you need and be in the best position possible.


If you choose option two, I can guarantee nothing will change for you. You could waste money buying 10 smaller courses & products on random topics that are “shiny objects” that will not help you create a sustainable real business. Looking back a year from now, would you want to be in exactly the same position you are now, if right now you aren;t happy with where you are? I am sure the answer is no.


I’m excited to kick things off for SCA 001 - join now and find out how you too can have your own successful software product that can pay you again and again.


In Software Creation Academy, we want to make sure you have every opportunity to succeed and that will be most likely when you watch all of our training and complete the exercises we outline. If at the end of Software Creation Academy, and having completed all the training & implementation, you still feel you are no closer to creating your own software product, contact our team for a full refund. Please be clear, there will be no refunds for "taking a look", you have to take action. Once you purchase you get access to the content and it is too valuable to attract anyone who is not committed and clear that they want to succeed.

This course is for action takers who want to succeed and learn from someone who has done what they want to do. We don’t want tyre kickers. If you are not serious about the training and engaging with our masterclass, then this is not for you. By purchasing, you acknoweldge this guarantee and are making a commitment to try to succeed asnd we will be happy to help you along the way!

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