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Software Creation Academy

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Gerald Short

If anything comes out with Martin's name on it, check it out, it will be well worth you time. No hype, no bull, calm analysis and just straight talk and highly informative and well worth your time. If you ever had an itch to consider building software apps this is a must engage product Highly recommend.


 Laura Davis

Thanks Martin, about to get started with the video's later today, anything by Martin is "tight", informative, and concise, no fluff- from a New Yorker!


Ken Kopelman

Nice! I once had a 'hot idea' for some software and my dev of choice liked it but was too busy. Within weeks someone else had the same idea and multiple people have milked it since. If Martin's course had existed back then maybe it would have helped me avoid that roadblock.


Becky Fogg

Martin is the real deal. As someone who has worked with him, I saw firsthand how much value he places on delivering top quality products and taking care of his customers. He is one of the very few product developers & internet marketers that I automatically pay attention to. You can't go wrong listening to him. His products and his training are always top-notch, and his recommendations can always be trusted.

Bonus 1: SCA - Hiring Matrix Cheatsheet

A full guide and process to follow to ensure you hire only the right person for your project. It is worth signing up for this part alone.

(worth $97)

Bonus 2: SCA Design Rolodex

Appearances are a big part of showing the value your software will provide, and in our Software Creation Academy Design Rolodex we reveal all the places where you can get top tier design work done for everything from logos through to your interface, in the quickest time and for the lowest cost possible.

(worth $97)

Bonus 3: 10 Sales page templates

Get a quick start on your new project with 10 beautiful sales page templates, designed by our team and ready to edit for 10 top software niches.

(worth $5,000+)

Bonus 4: 10 logo templates

A key part of your new platform looking good is having a slick professional logo, and these 10 templates will get you on the right track.

(worth $1,500+)

Bonus 5: 10 slidedeck templates

If you ever want to make a sales video JV video or presentation about your new product, you’ll need a slick slidedeck t record for your video. These 10 templates will speed up the process and make you look as professional as possible.

(worth $1,000+)

Bonus 6: SCA idea critique

I will personally look at your software idea and use my years of real world proven success and experience to give my honest feedback and pointers. This is something you cannot get anywhere else, and my clients usually need to pay a hefty consultancy fee to get the benefit of my experience. This is another bonus that it’s worth getting SCA for alone.

(worth $1,000+)

Bonus 7: SCA Research Map

Follow this visual flow to go through the decision process needed to decide if your software idea is a go or no go. This will let you cut through the hidden bias you may have towards your own idea, and identify where the problem lie.

(worth $497)

Bonus 8: TechSpeak Codex

Don’t let the technical terms involved in software development cause you any hassle with our glossary of key phrases and wording. The language used around software is often needlessly jargon-heavy, and this guide will let you see what it’s all about.

(worth $97)

Bonus 9: SCA Action Plan

In Software Creation Academy we are going to deliver every ounce of knowledge we have in this area….but the information is only one thing, you need to actually execute on what we teach. To help with this, we have our 30 day SCA Action Plan which lays out every step you need to take to go from idea to product in 30 days or less.

(worth $97)

These bonuses alone have a real world value of...